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Top 7 Dark Academia Room Decor Ideas To Try

Are you looking to create your own dreamy and mysterious dark academia room? In the below article, we explore some of the key design principles to help you achieve a dark academic aesthetic room by following these simple and easy design tips and dark academic decor ideas. Read more:  


Dark Academia is an aesthetic that revolves around literature, academics, mystery, and the arts. It is heavily inspired by European architecture, history, Greek Arts, and Gothic and Dark elements.  Other than the romanticization of learning, there is illicitness, danger, and a sense of mystery within the aesthetic. 

Although dark academia is often described as maximalist, many believe it to be a timeless take on interior design, as it features decor aspects that will always remain in style. Think leather-bound books, vintage golden candle holders, and stained mirrors and you are sure to be on the right track.

How to Create a Dark Academia-Style Bedroom

1: Choose a Darker Color Palette for a Moody Look

Dark Academia Room

There is one thing all gloomy academic room decor has in common: the color scheme. The melancholy, calming, and slightly creepy feeling that this movement aims to portray is excellently captured by the tones of dark academic aesthetics.

You do not have to paint the entire room black, though. You can play with a wide variety of colors, from dark reds and browns to tones of grey and blue paints.

2: Pick a dark color scheme

Pick a dark color scheme

After conducting your research, the next step in designing a bedroom that reflects a dark academic environment is to pick a dark color scheme for your walls, furniture, and accent pieces. The hues black, dark green, navy blue, and melancholy purple are all excellent choices. Alternatively, you might use a version of these hues to emphasize a multicolored, ominous academic bedroom.

Let’s now discuss a problem that many people who live in apartments encounter. Consider purchasing some rental-friendly stick-on wallpaper if you live in a rental or dorm and are unable to paint your walls, which is definitely one of the worst aspects of renting or temporary living.

3. Add dark, romantic details and decor

Cottagecore and dark academia have a lot of crossovers, and pastoral is at the heart of that Venn diagram. Fill your environment with plants and vines to evoke the lush, green English meadows that appear in much dark academic literature and cinema. When possible, choose genuine plants (which you should scatter across your room), but don’t be scared to cover your bookshelves or headboard with a fake vine.

4. Invest in the literary.

Dark Academia Room star poster

Much of the dark academia room decor aesthetic is inspired by gothic themes, with an almost vampiric undertone. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to paint your entire room black and litter the room with skulls unless that’s your thing. 

Instead, try featuring dark wood furnishing, rusted gold-plated candle holders and accents, and leather-bound books. These elements are subtle, but still, elevate the gothic theme in a timeless way.

6.Peaceable Layer

image 3

Although the general theme of this interior approach focuses on creating a darker, vintage space, that doesn’t meet that we have to sacrifice coziness. Infusing the area with materials like wool, plaid, and tweed will allow you to add a degree of warmth whilst keeping the dark academia room aesthetic.

Similarly, choosing bulky bedding with layered sheets and duvets will give the impression of an old, dorm-style bedroom, much like the ones that feature in Harry Potter.

7: Put it All Together to Reflect Your Personality

If you like the dark academia style, feel free to take all these elements I’ve mentioned and blend them together in a way that reflects your personality.

Add some personal items, such as old family pictures of your ancestors, framed in gilded frames.

Include big mirrors, still life paintings, lamps with rich lampshades, plants, dry flowers, jewelry boxes, and other trinkets. 

Dark Academia Room Decor F.A.Q

How do you decorate a room like Dark Academia?

Some of the most popular wall decor items for any dark academia room include old books, book-shelves, vintage/ ornate picture frames and mirrors, old fashion clocks, glass display cases, framed newspaper cutouts, astrology tapestry or any scientific sketches of botany or zoology to give your wall a real academic feel.

What are the elements of dark academia?

Dark Academia is an aesthetic that revolves around classic literature. Common themes within this aesthetic are books, poetry, friendship, prep/private schools, classical music, coming of age, existentialism, death/murder, social classes, and romance.

How do you get Dark Academia?

Dark academia style is all about muted tones. You won’t find pops of color here. Opt for black, white, grey, brown, and other neutral shades when selecting tops and bottoms. I recommend leaning into the capsule wardrobe philosophy of these items is “mix and match” – multiple tops pair well with multiple bottoms.

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